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AMM’s experts guide providers through your most pressing business challenges. Our practice empowerment experts hail from our flagship practice, Jacksonville Children’s and Multispecialty Clinic (JCMC). For nearly 40 years, JCMC has been providing exemplary care for military families from Camp Lejeune and New River Air Station, as well as residents of the six surrounding counties. Recognized across North Carolina as an innovator in primary care practice, JCMC is the testbed for the technologies and operational processes of the Empowered Practice.

As a result, JCMC has improved the care of patients as well as its bottom line, consistently outperforming numerous measures of cost and quality.


Anagenesis Capital Partners is an investment firm focused on making private credit and minority equity investments in leading middle market healthcare and consumer companies across North America.


Who better to help streamline your practice, align staffing with the requirements of an Advanced Medical Home, and improve your clinical workflow(s) than a successful practice that has accomplished an impressive track record over several years? At JCMC, we have documented:

• 25% below the regional average in total cost of care
• 75% below the regional average in preventable readmissions

With over 40 years of caring for patients across 7 counties in North Carolina and an impressive array of technology and practice transformation insights learned, JCMC stands prepared to assess your readiness and guide your practice on the path to Advanced Medical Home and value-based success.


NextGen Healthcare clinical care solutions include EHR, population health, mobile solutions, and consulting services. They help practices optimize their strategy for delivering high-quality care.


The Empowered Practice platform is powered by Smartlink Health Solutions, leveraging its next-generation integration tools to create empowered workflows. These empowered workflows link your clinic’s EHR to registries, pre-registration systems, HIEs, and our analytics platform, which enables the calculated care gaps to be placed directly back into your EHR. Smartlink requires no other vendor involvement, no hidden fees or technology add-ons and reduces if not removes the need to step outside of your EHR to interact with other systems.


SPH Analytics’ powerful Nexus Platform has been integrated with Smartlink Health’s data integration platform to ingest EHR and claims data for year-round analysis of compliance with state-required quality measures and cost metrics. The Nexus Platform is a CMS-approved Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) and Quality Registry that receives data from Smartlink to calculate compliance with quality measures, risk-stratify populations, identify gaps in care, and analyze population costs.

The result: The ability to assess a clinic’s performance based on measures identified by North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) and even to look beyond those measures to stratify vulnerable populations for quality and care management.